Momchil is an enthusiastic, funny dude. Although he had some trouble making a thorough plan regarding work – and maintaining it. For a while, he used to collect scrap metal, out of his own initiative, to earn money. His family put substantial pressure on him to get a grip on his life. He also has multiple debts that he is paying off with the help of a social worker.

Because he loves driving about in his car, we found a match at GreenCollect. He can drive their smaller electric vehicles to empty bread packages and collect coffee at the companies. GreenCollect uses it to make biogas. Using the Isbank Power Certificate, Momchil can obtain his VCA and get his travel costs funded. Momchil finds it hard to focus on his work and needs extra guidance to keep him from making impulsive decisions. To evaluate his work and his progress, Momchil starts with a two-month internship at the company before getting a contract. He has already begun, and things are going well; he works hard and is very enthusiastic about the job.





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