Naomi is standing on her own two feet

No longer being dependent on youth workers, that's Naomi's dream and with the Certificate of Dito Foundation it's becoming reality. 

Naomi took many steps to find a job. Unfortunately it didn’t lead to permanent work and that is exactly what is needed to build an independent life. She has come in contact with the Building Better People Foundation and they guided her to find stable work. Learning, doing an internship and working. She did an internship at festivals in The Hague to learn how to deal with all sorts of people and how to act around and with them.

In the meantime Naomi follows school for Supervisor/ Assistent Security Officer, made possible by the certificate of Dito Foundation. With this education she hopes to show everyone she doesn’t give up and she is making her first steps to independence.

Naomi hopes to continue her work and to learn more and more. Her ambition is clear: be a Security Officer!


Power Certificate

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