'Kevin starts as a traffic controller'

TEVA supports Kevin in finding and maintaining his dream job. With the financial support of TEVA’s Participation Certificate, Kevin gets trained for the job.

Kevin is a spontaneous, joyful and helpful 25-year-old. At the moment he’s fulfilling several volunteering jobs at different companies. He helps out a tree care company, the Salvation Army and regularly acts up as a traffic controller.

His first traffic controlling experiences, like helping out at events like the Tour the France and several festivals,  helped Kevin find out that traffic controlling is what he wants to do for a living. It’s his dream job!

Together with his Jobcoach at WerktZo, Kevin started working on this ambition and found out three things are needed to reach this goal: an employer, a VCA certificate and a traffic controlling diploma.

Employer Ampilar (Rotterdam) offered Kevin the chance to get this diploma and start his job, as soon as he got is VCA certificate. With the financial support of TEVA, Kevin got his VCA certificate and made his dream to become a traffic controller come true.



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