'Joeri's responsibilities grow every day'

Ambitious as he is, Joeri wants to work more hours with more varied responsibilities, and his employer wants to give him that opportunity. The only thing standing in his way is not being able to finance the reach truck certificate that is needed. With Dito Foundation’s certificate Joeri will get his reach truck certificate and a more intensive job!

With the help of Sivar, Joeri found a job in a large stockroom. After a successful two month trial, Hanos wanted to hold on to him and offered him a contract.

Joeri lives independently and therefore wants to work as many hours as possible, to make sure that he’s able to finance his own sustenance.

His employer can offer him this opportunity, but only with a reach truck certificate in his pocket. With this certificate, he can take on more versatile responsibilities, exactly what he wanted.

Thanks to the Dito Foundation Joeri increased his possibilities for a better income and will become even more independent.



Power Certificate




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