'Brijesh at work with Mizuho's helping hand'

With customised physical therapy, Brijesh will succeed to become an independent co-worker at a suitable workplace. The Participation Certificate of Mizuho Bank offers him the helping hand he needed.

Brijesh is 25 years old and, together with his job coach from In2Work, found a job at restaurant Parck in Haarlem.

Because Brijesh has already gained work experience in different kitchens, he is like a fish in the water at his new workplace. Unfortunately, Brijesh suffers from chronic back problems, so that he isn’t able to stand or move over a more extended period. Somedays he is barely able to get out of bed.

Thanks to Mizuho Bank, he can exercise with his physiotherapist to strengthen his back and keep his job. With this customised training, Brijesh can continue to do what he likes and strengthen his back sustainably.



Power Certificate




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