'What started as a social internship, quickly turned into a paid job'

BNG Bank supports Anne in his personal development as a young independent cook in Rotterdam. BNG bank’s support doesn’t only benefit Anne personally, it also helps a small entrepreneur to start up a place for people like Anne.

Anne is a 38-year-old man with a burning passion for cooking. The Robert Kranenborg Academie offered him an internship for six weeks where he worked as a cook in restaurant De Nieuwe Poort’s social kitchen.

Because of his hard work, talent and loyalty, Anne got offered a paid job at the restaurant where he enthusiastically started his internship a few weeks earlier. With the special guidance of Chef Nikol Rakic and
In2Work, Anne will have all the ingredients he wants and needs to become an independent cook. Next, to his new job, Anne also goes to a cooking school once a week.

Anne is very enthusiastic about all the new developments, “ This job is perfect for me!” he told the restaurant owner, who is very happy with Anne working in their kitchen and finishing his cooking school.



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