Alwin’s future in technology.

Ever since Alwin was a child he played with his hands, in particular with technical Lego. When he went to an introduction day of the ROC at the age of fifteen, he knew what he wanted.

In the search to find the perfect learning-work place, in collaboration with the municipality Ede and Werkreturn, Alwin found a place at HSV. HSV invests a lot of time and money in Alwin, but they can’t offer him the space for his practice assignments. This could be organized by ROC, however there are costs associated with all the practical resources, examiners and supervision. The municipality isn’t able to give Alwin the reimbursement but with the help of the Power Certificate of Intesa Sanpaolo Bank Luxembourg Alwin is able to follow his education Mechatronics level 2.

Alwin comments: "I think it's great that HSV do what they say and that I receive good guidance and explanation. They take the time to teach me things. I feel comfortable and appreciated. From what I learn at school I benefit in my workplace."

With the Power Certificate from Intesa Sanpaolo Bank Luxembourg, Alwin has a bright future in technology.


Power Certificate



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