Leon is 34 years old and has experienced a lot in his life. Due to circumstances in his youth, he unfortunately was unable to complete various courses. Because of his past, he is very motivated to make something of his future. Leon receives a Wajong payment and has never been too lazy to work. He has taken on several jobs in order to earn his income independently. However, a great distance to the labor market emerged and Leon was unable to find a job with a future perspective.

Gladfully now he has an employer who sees that Leon has the potential to develop further and offered him a job with a year contract. The employer makes the strict requirement that Leon must obtain his driving license B.

Leon does not have the finances to pay for a driver's license and so he almost saw this dream fall to pieces. Together with his jobcoach, he had among other things, good discussions with the employer and the UWV to investigate whether they could do something for him. Unfortunately.

Thanks to the Power Certificate of Intesa SanPaolo Bank, Leon has succeeded in getting his driver's license. After this the employer will invest in the C driving license, so that Leon can be used on all vehicles and is a real asset to the company.

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